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Via Sesto, 41

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Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 to 17.45.

Scientific Manager

Professor Egidio Battistini

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The Cremona Regional Campus Development Library was estabilished to provide adequate bibliographic support for students enrolled in the degree programmes offered in the campus. The Library has multiple copies of all textbooks used and recommended for degree programmes in the faculty, as well as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and specialised manuals for in-depth study.

Books on the various subjects taught in the degree programmes are available, including: Geometry and Logic, Mathematical Analysis, Industrial IT and Automation, Databases, Computers and Operative Systems, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Chemistry, Drawing and CAD, Ecology, Corporate Organisation and Economics, Electronics, Electrotechnics and Electrical Machines, Ergotechnics, State Exams, Physiscs, Technical Physics, Geotechnics, Corporate Management and Industrial Production, Hydraulics, Hydrology and Geology, Production Plants and Systems, IT, Software Engineering, Environmental Health Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Surveying Laboratory and Corporate IT, French, Programming Languages, English, Software Application Manuals, Technical Manuals, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mechanics, Analytical Mechanics, Measuraments and Tools, Quality, Monitoring Networks, Operational Research, Construction Sciences, Signals and Systems, IT Systems, Mechanical Technologies, Telecommunications and Networks, Topography and Mapping, Territorial and Urban Planning.

The library's documents include:


  • more than 3000 monographic volumes
  • more than 450 graduate theses
  • online database

Two workstations for the online consultation of the Politecnico OPAC are available in the library, in the Saletta Tutoring Hall. There is another workstation (called "vela") opposite the Registrar's Office. The campus laboratories are also available for internet searches.


The catalogue, which can be accessed through the Internet, includes:


  • books/texts to be found in the collective catalogue of the Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo (SBA) in the OPAC of the University selecting the library of the Cremona Campus;
  • theses to be found in the thesis catalogue.

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