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Personal Area Service

Through the "Il mio spazio" [my space] service users can access their "Area Personale" [Personal Area] from the "Servizi" [services] icon in the top right corner of the OPAC section of the web site. If the user has not been identified yet, the system will now ask for authentication. From the "Il mio spazio" [my space] personal area users can make purchase suggestions and display personal e-mails sent by the library, their reader status (e.g. current loans and returns dates, requests and current bookings, previous purchase suggestions...), searches saved by OPAC, references saved by OPAC.

For a detailed description of the "Servizi per i lettori" [services for readers] and assistance with Front Office services, users can go to the "Help ai servizi Front Office" [help with Front Office services] section in the top right corner of the web site's OPAC section.