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Sport and culture

Cultural activities

The Politecnico provides funding for cultural and social activities on subjects that are of general interest to students and that are organised by student groups and associations. The Politecnico encourages the creation of student associations with their own articles of association, which aim at raising the interest and the collaboration of members in the life of the campus and that organise recreational cultural activities.

These activities include conferences, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, magazines, cultural trips and exceptional initiatives.

The funds are managed by the Commissione Nuove Iniziative Didattiche [committee for new didactic initiatives] that issues an annual call for applications. This covers the programming of student activities for the whole calendar year and is generally published between mid-November and mid-January. The assigned funds and the ongoing activities can be found on the university's web site and notice of them is hung in the university's Albo Ufficiale [official notice board].

Funding requests must be submitted using the specific forms available from the Ufficio Attivitą Culturali e Sociali [Office for Cultural and Social Activities]. Requests can be made by:

  • university student groups that are represented in the Academic Bodies
  • other university associations or university student groups that include at least 150 students enrolled in the Politecnico
  • for the Lecco, Como, Cremona, Mantua, Piacenza and Segrate campuses, the number of students in the groups is 50.

If you are interested, please contact:

Area Didattica - Servizi generali agli studenti [didactic area - general student services]
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 9-12.30
Address: Via Bonardi 2 - 20133 Milan
Telephone: + 39
Fax: + 39 02.2399.2470

Sports activities

The university's Sports Committee helps students in territorial campuses with local sports activities using funds assigned by the Commissione per le Nuove Iniziative Didattiche e Programmi di Spesa per gli Studenti [committee for new didactic activities and expenses programme for students] through the joint efforts of the C.U.S. [University Sports Committee] and professors or campus staff appointed for the task.

The Cremona Campus has a tennis field and five-a-side football field.