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City Life

Nestled on the shores of the river Po, Cremona always played an important role in the history and culture of Italy from the days of the ancient Romans. The town's position in the middle of the Pianura Padana (flatland) and the great river made it a crucial node in commercial and economic trade routes. As was often the case in the past, wealthy towns and cities soon became the ideal setting for the development of arts and culture. This was how Cremona, with many important works of art, became a cultural centre of arts and music. Music - and the art of stringed instruments in particular - make Cremona unique in the world.

Built on the left bank of the river Po, Cremona gained wealth from the great river, which offers great opportunities for nature tourism. The area around the river has been only marginally affected by human activities and nature lovers and healthy living fans can enjoy outings (on foot or by bike) on the pedestrian and cycling paths, admiring an amazing environment. Commercial and tourism travel on the river is developing and can rely on a fully equipped port and many mooring points. Qualified cruising societies offer short cruises on the river Po - an unforgettable experience in the unspoilt natural environment surrounding the river. The lovers of recreational fishing can enjoy fishing wels catfish, which is very common in the river. Cremona is unique in that along the banks of the river there are many canoeing societies, that offer their numerous members facilities and equipment for recreational and sports activities, for light therapy and for pleasure boating. Famous Italian canoeing champions started and trained here before winning prestigious medals.