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Companies can offer internship opportunities to:

  • Students of Degree courses (equivalent to Bachelor of Science)
  • Students of Italian Master courses/specialisation schools;
  • PhD students;
  • Students who graduated from the Politecnico fewer than 12 months before the internship.

The number of interns a company can have depends on the number of its employees:

  • Up to 5: 1 intern
  • From 6 to 19: 2 interns
  • 20 or more: 10% of the total number of employees with long-term contracts

To activate and manage internships, companies must: 


  • register on the portal;
  • download the originals of the internship agreement;
  • enter internship offers, with the possibility of showing which courses they are appropriate for;
  • requests changes in internship that have already begun;
  • download the end-of-internships form (for the final report of the company tutor);
  • write reports on the offered/ongoing/past internships with the Politecnico di Milano.