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Entering an agreement with the Politecnico di Milano

To activate internships with Politecnico students, companies must have a direct or indirect agreement with the university.

Direct agreement

The procedure includes the steps listed below.

  1. register with the portal, Stage activation, Companies;
  2. receive username and password once registration is complete;
  3. request the agreement;
  4. receive the agreement via e-mail;
  5. print and sign two copies of the agreement;
  6. send the signed agreement (with a 16 revenue stamp on pages 1 and 5) to the Servizio Stage [stage service] of the university

Indirect agreement

The Politecnico has agreements with a number of bodies and trade associations. Companies who are part of them can register with an indirect agreement, by simply providing their association code when registering.

For more information or explanations on registration and the agreement please call the university Career Service on +39 02 2399 2535 or write to