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The Struttura Accademica Tirocini (SAT) in Cremona

The Struttura Accademica Tirocini (SAT) of Cremona, which is connected to the degree courses taught in the Cremona Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, acts as the company/students interface in matters regarding:

  • the definition of how internships are carried out;
  • the constant monitoring of started internships;
  • the assessment and final evaluation.

The SAT must:

  • manage the entire duration of internships through validation and booking activities, assigning reserved internships directly from the companies to the degree courses they relate to;
  • produce Progetti Formativi [training projects] and the final Certificate;
  • monitor the internship management of its own SAT.

Liaison officers in the Cremona Campus

SAT Office in the Cremona Campus

SAT Delegate in the Cremona Campus

Delegate professors for University Internships of the Degree Courses held in the Cremona Campus:

  • Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering:
    Prof. Mariano Corso
  • Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Engineering of Computing Systems:
    Prof. Gianni Ferretti