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You can activate an internship if you are a student enrolled in a Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) or a Master [Italian Master Course] or a PhD student or if you graduated from the Politecnico less than 12 months before the internship.

To be an intern in a company you must:

  • find a company;
  • find an academic tutor (unless it is an extracurricular internship);
  • contact the Struttura Accademica dei Tirocini (SAT) [Academic Body for Internships] to receive the Progetto Stage [stage project];
  • collect the signatures of the company tutor and the academic tutor on the Progetto Stage;
  • return the Progetto Stage to SAT three working days before the internship is scheduled to begin;
  • download (from your reserved area) the final report form from the Career Service web site at the end of the internship, complete it and deliver it to SAT.

To find a company for your internship you can:

  • check the list of available stages connecting to the university stage portal ( using username and password for identification, clicking on Offerte di Lavoro e Stage [job and stage opportunities] and submitting your application;
  • look on the student board of the Cremona Campus;
  • display the thesis catalogue of the Cremona Campus graduates using the thesis supervisor and the company of the graduate's internship as reference. To do so, check the search page of the catalogue of the library of the Cremona Campus
  • ask a professor;
  • act independently and contact the company you would like to be included in and supplying the name and details to the Struttura Accademica dei Tirocini (

For more information, check the FAQ on Career Service.