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Mobile-oriented HTML5 - Short course

The aim of the course was to offer the basic knowledge for a structured approach to learning HTML5 with special attention on Mobile applications. Participants also had the chance to learn about the considerable potential of HTML5 and how to use that potential in the design of Web Apps for Mobile devices.

The course was held in the Cremona Campus of the Politecnico di Milano and lasted 5 days, 8 hours per day, from 9.15 to 18.15.  There were lessons on theory aspects as well as laboratory sessions, in which participants were able to test what they had been shown in person.

The course was held on the days listed below:

  • Thursday 17 January
  • Friday 18 January
  • Saturday 19 January
  • Friday 25 January
  • Saturday 26 January

 The programme included the topics listed below.

  • Overview of the market opportunities for HTML5 in the Mobile world
  • Technical introduction to HTML5:
    • Structure and semantics
    • HTML5 state of the art on mobile browsers
  • Starting programming with HTML5 for mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets):
    • Forms: new types and client-side validation
    • Canvas: drawing and text. A possible alternative to Flash
    • Multimedia contents: audio and video reproduction
    • Offline Memorisation: Local and Session Storage. Limits and compatibility
    • Geolocalisation: position determination and map management
    • Web design: brief outlines on the structure of a Web Application
    • Publication on native Application Store: strategies and restrictions
    • Retrocompatibility: where it is needed and when to intervene.

Essential requirements for the course are

  • basic knowledge of HTML language
  • basic knowledge of JavaScript 

For more information please call on + 39 0372.567702 - 0372. 567700 or write to
Click here to download the course's leaflet.