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Degree courses

Educational offer: the Cremona Campus offers degree courses in:

  • Management and Production Engineering
  • Engineering of Computing Systems

Download the foldable brochures on the degree courses and study plans.

pdf pieghevole_ges_org_press.pdf - Management and Production Engineering - Specialization: Organization
pdf pieghevole_ges_amb_press.pdf - Management and Production Engineering - Specialization: Environmental Company Management
pdf pieghevole_inf_press.pdf - Engineering of Computing Systems
pdf VolumettoOffertaFormativaCremonaDueCorsi_PerSito.pdf - Download the booklet with the degree courses taught in the Cremona Campus

For information on the Schools of Architecture, of Design and all the other Degree Courses (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Engineering held in the other campuses of the Politecnico di Milano, please go to