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Theme seminars

Professors are willing to hold theme seminars to talk about topics of current interest linked to innovation and to the advances generated by new technologies.
The seminars can be organised directly in the senior schools who ask for it or in the Campus.

Listed below are the subjects of the seminars given in the last few years.

  • Engineering of Computing Systems: history and opportunities
  • Free software for mathematics
  • Overcoming the distinction between manufacturing and service companies - the opportunities for professional development offered by Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
  • The digital revolution for the media. What are the roles for a Management, Economics and Industrial Engineer in Sky, Mondadori or Vodafone?
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: how to prepare and what becoming one implies
  • The environment and energy: a rapidly developing sector and the opportunities for management, economics and industrial engineers
  • The value created through environmental sustainability
  • Economics and the environment
  • The economic evaluation of a photovoltaic facility
  • Think Different: a strategic analysis of the reasons behind Apple's success
  • When speed is more important than advertising: a strategic analysis of the reasons behind Zara's success
  • A strategic analysis of the reasons behind the success of Nintendo Wii
  • Introduction to Mobile programming: the new opportunities of IT
  • Create your videogame - look into the world of videogame creation with a few simple clicks
  • IT between Apps and Social Networks
  • You decide the price: Radiohead' strategy to sell music
  • Businesses and the Environment: a critical factor for success