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University fees

On matriculation, you must pay the first instalment of university fees.

The second instalment must be paid in May of the following year. The sum of the instalment is calculated according to:

  • the number of CFU (University Formative Credits) entered in the Study plan
  • the contribution level declared according to the ISEEU certificate

Registration in an academic year is "via credits", i.e. you can enrol adding up to 73 credits and paying 100% of fees or anything up to 45 paying 75% of university fees or, should you add only 30 credits, paying 50% of fees. In this way students can enrol part-time increasing the time needed to graduate (you must obtain 180 credits in all) without increasing their overall university fees. Students who wish to graduate sooner can enrol adding up to 80 credits per year.

The total annual university fees range between 190.00 (minimum) and about 3,650.00 (maximum).

For more information on fees, please go to guide to fees.