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Matriculation in an Engineering degree

Candidates who pass the TOL between March and July can enrol in any Engineering Degree [equivalent to a Bachelor of Science] with the exception of the single-cycle, five-year Laurea Magistrale [equivalent to a Master of Science] in Architectural Engineering.

Candidates who pass the standard TOL can complete matriculation if they are high enough in the student ranking list, which depends on their score and the preferences they expressed, enrolling in the remaining available places after the first phase of matriculation and possibly in the later phases.

More details on when and how to complete matriculation can be found on Guide to matriculation and in the Poliorientami web site.

After matriculation, you must:

  • submit a study plan;
  • obtain the certificate of the Equivalent Financial Situation Index - University (ISEEU).

For more information on what to do after matriculation please check University web site.