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Engineering Test

The Test On Line is a computer-based test held in the IT rooms of the Politecnico's various campuses (with the exception of the Mantua campus).

The TOL consists of 65 multiple-choice questions and is divided into two parts:

  • TEST: aims at assessing your knowledge of logic, mathematics, statistics, physics and your verbal comprehension skills;
  • TENG (Test of English): assesses your knowledge of the English language.

Programmed tests sessions are held in two different periods:

  1. Early TOL from March to July (these sessions are open to students in the fourth and fifth year of senior school and candidates who have already finished senior school);
  2. Standard TOL: in August/September (only for candidates who have already finished senior school).

For more information, please go to Poliorientami.

Only for the first phase of matriculation for the 2013/2014 A.Y., instead of the TOL admission test, you can pass the tests listed below:

  • the  CISIA TOLC test, in one of universities that have joined the CISIA TOLC project (the Politecnico di Milano is one of them);
  • one of the international tests listed here SAT, GRE, GMAT.