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Percorsi di Eccellenza

Are you about to graduate from high school and looking for a Laurea that will offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary, high-level training?

The Cremona Campus of the Politecnico di Milano allows 10 talented students to access Percorsi di Eccellenza.

Listen to testimonies form those who went before you in choosing the Cremona Campus and obtained Percorsi di Eccellenza:

I Percorsi di Eccellenza consists of an advanced three-year educational path - complementing the Laurea in Engineering of Computing Systems or Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering - that allow students to greatly improve their capacities in terms of:

  • a meri-based approach
  • multidisciplinary studies
  • business conduct

To reach these objectives, various activities are considered, many of which are required:

  • summer job at Italian companies (required);
  • English courses;
  • study abroad;
  • in-depth courses on multidisciplinary topics, for example, entrepreneurship, blockchain, bioenergy (required).

To be admitted to the call for the 10 Percorsi di Eccellenza, you must meet certain merit requirements, but there are no income limits.

Five recipients of the Percorsi di Eccellenza will also receive a scholarship worth a total value of €5000, financed by companies and istitutions that see particular value in this initiative.

The Percorsi are maintained by achieving certain results detailed in the call (fewer that 50% of students who access the first year manage to complete the Percorsi).

Percorsi di Eccellenza may be combined with other scholaships.

Students who have completed these Percorsi in past years have gained a wealth of knowledge and training that is highly complementary to their university training (constant dedication, multidisciplinary skills, purposefulness, sense of responsability, etc.).

The Percorsi di Eccellenza are now in their 13th Edition. They have involved dozen of companies, as both financiers and internship sites, such as: Gulliver Srl - Ubiquity Srl - Enercom - Oleificio Zucchi - Leaf Italia - Buongiorno Spa - Fondazione Giovanni Arvedi e Luciana Buschini - AemCom - CsaMed - IdeaE - Associazione Industriali - Wonder - Latteria Cremona - Interactive Media - Reply - Cementi Rossi - Microdata - Europool - Reha Zentrum - Smart Life - AppQuality.

The call is closed for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Those interested presented an admission application by filling in the relevant participation form from 13 July to 30 September 2020. Each application was accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae in European format, a copy of an identity document, a motivation letter, and authorization to use images.

the brochure about the initiative is still available by clicking here.

The 2020/2021 call with all the details about the project and means of participation can still be consulted by clicking here.

For more information, send an email to or connect to the chat.