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"A. Rozzi" Laboratory

The laboratory (owned by the university) is fully equipped to respond to all the analysis requests that may arise in connection with bioenergies.

The supplied support benefits from the results obtained by the line of research, which makes it a real tool for transferring technology and knowledge to the region.

The measurements and tests that the laboratory of the Bioenergy Factory can carry out, working with the LISA Laboratory – Dipartimento DIIAR [department of hydraulic, environmental, road infrastructure and measurement engineering] of the Politecnico di Milano, include:

  • Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of liquid, paste-like and solid matrices/by-products;
  • Measurement of anaerobic biodegradability;
  • Undigested Organic Substances;
  • Residual Biogas Production Ratio;
  • Phase-specific degradation capacity;
  • Biogas composition
  • Digestate residual fibres;
  • Granulometry analysis of matrices/by-products;
  • Measurement of microbial activity.

For the full list of standard analyses, please contact the office of the Bioenergy Factory.

Customised analyses, which can provide the measurements required to characterise the facilities' supply matrices, can be performed.

For more information, please go to