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Why choose Cremona

The Politecnico di Milano is the most prestigious engineering university in Italy and one of the most important in Europe - it is on the cutting edge for technology innovation and teaching methods.

The Politecnico di Milano estabilished the Cremona campus in 1987. Here the traditional quality of the Politecnico's teaching and research activities is combined with attention to changes in the work market and is tightly linked with business, creating the best conditions for the professional success of graduates.

The Cremona Campus of the Politecnico offers the excellence of a great university in a welcoming and lively town, a broad range of well-equipped laboratories, the possibility of studying abroad and internships with more than 200 companies that have an agreement with the university.

The "strong points" of the Cremona Campus

With regard to teaching:

  • selection in the admission procedure and during university studies
  • care in training students
  • high professor/students ratio
  • direct contact between teaching staff and students
  • innovative teaching strategies with project activities, testimonials, company cases, group work
  • experimental and IT laboratories
  • extra tutoring services for first-year students

With regard to available services:

  • scholarship
  • university accommodation
  • library
  • internet with Wi-Fi connection
  • bar, hot meals, canteen
  • campus with multi-function sports centre
  • welcoming and efficiently organised campus
  • more than 200 companies and bodies involved offering internships, teaching opportunities and visits to companies